AHIMSA: “The word ahimsa is made up of the particle ‘a’ meaning ‘not’
and the noun himsa meaning killing or violence. It is more than a
negative command not to kill, for it has a wider positive meaning, love.
This love embraces all creation for we are all children of the same
Father— the Lord.” Light on yoga- B.K.S Iyengar

Ahimsa – One of the eight limbs of Yoga

This month at Vive we discuss another limb from the eight limbs of yoga. Ahimsa is the limb of kindness and love. As yogis we all need to
practice on and off our matts treating others how we would like to be
treated. Ahimsa should be our number one goal. (Not our skill levels or
how long we can hold a headstand.) We practice yoga to find peace in
our mind, body and spirit. Currently in our world there is not much
peace, peace of mind or love. We ask all of you to look deep into your
own lives in search of Ahimsa. How can you better serve others in our
community? Most people practice being kind until it is no longer
convenient. As yogis we should always practice loving everyone, even when it is difficult to do so.

Choose Love

Over the last few months we have been locked away from each other in our homes due to sickness. We as people crave connection and human touch. A hug from a friend, a smile from your favorite juice shop employee, and an adjustment in your favorite pose in yoga class. These are all things we have been missing for months, things that help remind us we are all one, the same.

As we come to the end of quarantine, missing human connection, a lot of evil has been unveiled before our eyes. Evil that has been going on for
years and years, arguing about which two wrongs add up to a right. At
the end of our day we need to understand that killing and violence are
never the answer. We must come together as a community, state,
country and world to choose to love each other unconditionally. We understand that sometimes fighting back is necessary, but fight with peace, love and integrity. Fight without hands, weapons, and hate. Fight with love, the same love that you believe you deserve as a
human. Fight by being an example and treating everyone no matter
what color, size, sex how you expect to be treated!

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