Welcome to our monthly blog! We hope everyone is surviving quarantine to the best of their abilities. We wanted to talk this month about daily routines. The time is no better than now to discuss fun, creative ideas to get yourself back into a routine. Trust us we would love to stay on the couch with all the snack as well but, since the government has dropped the hammer, we now know a full month of lockdown is ahead. We can’t stay in hibernation this entire month its now Spring all around us and we have the perfect planning ideas for you! So, put down the snacks and pick up your planner!


Morning Routine

Everyone knows that the best way to set the tone for your day is during the
morning. Here are some great ways to start your day off with a positive morning routine:


  • Wake up at the same time every day! Even if sleep wasn’t great you can always take a short cat nap later. Remember it’s your schedule you make the best of it!
  • Shower or don’t (depending on your personal routine)? But, non the less wash your face, change your outfit, brush your teeth and put on deodorant! We love non-toxic chemical and aluminum free deodorant. (DoTERRA, Native, Schimdt’s Etc.)
  • Make your bed! There is no better feeling than filling your day with
    accomplishments to come to rest in a nicely made bed.
  • Take your vitamins! We personally love a whole food capsule here at Vive! Best way to boost the immune system and stay strong during this pandemic.
  • Eat a HEALTHY breakfast! Put down the cereal, cinnamon rolls and doughnuts. Don’t get us wrong there is a time and place for these treats, and it’s called SUNDAY! Start your morning off with something protein filled and hearty. A full stomach is the best way to keep up your activity!
  • Morning Yoga! Whether it be at 6:00 am with Felice or 9:00 am with Alexis
    practicing yoga in the morning has many great benefits. We don’t judge whether you’re an early morning riser or if you like to take your time logging into your zoom the yoga poses will speak volumes for itself. Yoga in the morning it great for digestion, blood follow and a great way to start off with a positive note.


Afternoon Routine

The afternoon especially during quarantine can be where we all lose it! Kids are
home with schoolwork, you are “trying” to work from home and the morning yoga
buzz has worn off. No worries, we’ve got the prefect afternoon pick me up! NO it’s not a glass of wine!

  • Go for a walk outside! Take everyone with you including the dog. Smell the fresh air and get the blood flowing through your bodies. Get your endorphins flowing. Endorphins help with brain health and your overall mood. Leave your phone at home!
  • Take 15 mins to organize the rest of your day! Check your planner and write down any notes from the morning. Make any phone calls you may need to whether it be checking on a loved one or business.
  • Prep dinner! When you have dinner planned and ready to go it’s a lot easier to focus on the rest of the day’s work. Either throw something from the freezer into the refrigerator or prep your crockpot with whole foods that are filling and nutritious.

    Enjoy your evenings during this time! When is the next time you will have all of your family members free from obligations?

  • Evening Yoga: Great way to get the dinner moving in the stomach for a peaceful
    night’s sleep. Practicing yoga in the evening is a great way to rest the mind
    before laying your head on the pillow
  • Nightly hygiene routine: Shower! Whether you wash your hair or not! A steamy hot shower and a good nighttime face routine is the best way to snuggle into your sheets every night.
  • Read or Write in a journal: It is important to get the mind tired before sleep.
    There are many ways to do this but watching Netflix before bed isn’t it! We want to quiet our minds and get the eyes sleepy. If you like to read grab your favorite book. If you like to journal prop yourself up and grab your favorite pen.



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