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Why it is important to invest in yoga gear that lasts

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We have all done it. After attending your first yoga class, you find yourself heading to a local store and buy the cheapest yoga mat they have because you’re not sure if you’ll “stick with it.” Then you get into a routine and find yourself loving your practice more and more every day. So, what do you do? You find yourself going back to purchase the next “level-up” mat only to be unimpressed with it as well. We are here to tell you, DO NOT DO IT! 

By the time you have purchased both mats you could have invested in a product that not only is amazing and long lasting but has a lifetime warranty. That is why we at Vive believe in Manduka Mats, props, and clothing! The same goes for the gear you put on your body. Many of us start out at a discount store in search of $20 yoga pants, that let’s face it, are see-through in down dog and the whole class knows. You might not have figured it out just yet, but don’t worry, we all have that “Aha” moment. You bend over for the first time in front of a mirror and your face starts beaming red with embarrassment. “Have these been see-through the whole time?!” You ask yourself. The answer is “YES, GIRLFRIEND THEY HAVE!” 

We hear it all the time, “$100 dollars for a pair of yoga pants is just insane.” However, if you add up the four pairs that end up in the trash after a few short uses, it’s easy to see why you may want to consider investing in your yoga practice. 

Girlfriend Collective

This brings us to our latest brand in yoga athleisure wear, Girlfriend Collective! Not only has Felice personally owned two pairs for 5+ years that are still serving her well, but the price point is AMAZING! We agree $100 for a pair of pants can be steep, but with Girlfriend Collective, you can get both the leggings and matching bra right at the $100 price point before tax! The best part is that the yoga pants and bra set fits to the body. No rolling down of the pants and slips in the top. This gear has been designed for you to do what you love without any worries. 

Imagine stepping on your yoga mat not worrying about the mat moving or your finger slipping. It is a total game changer. Then add in the prefect new yoga outfit, feeling secure and not having to stop and adjust your clothing. Without these worries you truly start to understand letting your thoughts go and syncing breath to movement. Would you show up to a 5k with a pair of running shoes that didn’t absolutely meet all your standards? The answer is NO! Do yourself a favor and show up on your mat while being completely confident in your yoga gear. Your body is the equipment during yoga, so start giving it what it needs to practice sufficiently!

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