Technology puts just about everything at our fingertips these days. There are fitness apps that allow you to download yoga classes right to your smartphone or tablet. A quick Google search will bring up dozens of YouTube channels for at-home yoga. And while it can be great to roll out your mat for a quick session before bed or in-between meetings at work, we believe that a well-rounded yoga practice starts with a strong base of studio classes. Here are some benefits to finding a great yoga studio where you can build your practice.

Motivation and Accountability

When you’re in your living room by yourself it can be very easy to decide to roll your yoga mat back up and skip your workout in exchange for a few extra minutes of sleep or a good Netflix binge. Finding a studio that you love, with instructors and fellow yogis that you can connect with, gives you that sense of motivation and accountability that you just can’t get at home. If you struggle to find motivation or consistency with your workouts, find a friend or two and commit to going to class together on a regular basis. It can be easy to break a commitment to yourself. But it is much harder to break a commitment to a friend.

Motivation isn’t the only benefit from working out at a studio. Studies show that group exercise can lower stress, increase your sense of community and help you make new friends.

Real-Time Expertise and Coaching

Yoga poses are most effective when done correctly and with proper alignment. Incorrect poses can lead to ineffective technique and wasted energy. Even worse, there is a potential for serious injury. During most classes a yoga instructor will ask whether you prefer hands-on adjustments or not. The instructor will circulate the room throughout class offering small adjustments to ensure proper alignment and technique. And if you don’t prefer hands-on adjustments, that’s okay too. Your instructor will give you tips and cues to adjust on your own. Either way, you’ll benefit from having an expert oversee your technique.

Your studio instructor is also required to stay up-to-date on certifications and trainings. This means they’ll be able to share their knowledge with you as they grow in their profession. You’ll be the first to know about workshop opportunities and new classes that will continue to challenge and inspire you.

Decreased Distractions 

Yoga studios are set up to provide an atmosphere that allows you to receive the maximum benefits from a yoga session. Lighting, temperature, and aromatherapy scents all contribute to a relaxed and calm environment. There is usually at least one wall of mirrors that allow you to check your form. The floor is generally a hard surface that allows your mat to hold strongly and ensure you have the best balance throughout your practice. At a studio, you don’t have to worry about the distraction of a phone ringing, a television blaring from another room, children or pets running into the room, or various other distractions that may arise when practicing at home.

Even if you choose to supplement with some at-home sessions, we suggest that you find a studio where you are comfortable so you can build the core of your practice with the support of an experienced instructor. If you haven’t already, we invite you to join us at Vive Yoga Studio in Edwardsville!

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